Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

03 2008

Laundry day

I spent nearly 3 1/2 hours doing laundry last night. It is partially my fault since I have a bad habit of just throwing all my dirty, sweaty, gym clothes in a plastic bag and then “carefully”, and by carefully I mean just throwing it on the passenger seat of my car, and then waiting until I am out of gym clothes to do laundry. I was folding my clothes and this middle-age woman asked “where did you learn how to fold your clothes? Wanna do mine while you are at it?” I looked up, smiled, and responded “my grandmother taught me” The lady said “aaahh She did good!” “yes she did” was my reply. She then asked a bunch of little questions, just small talk, and said “next time you see your grandmother make sure you thanked her for “everything” she has taught you” I said “uhmm I dont know when I’ll get to see my grandmother next” she replied “where is your grandmother?” I said “I am gonna guess that she is in heaven chilling with either JC or with his mother….she was a big fan of the Virgin Mary”. I believe it is at this point that the conversation got a little weird for her, specially when I told her that I didnt believe in God, but I managed to get through just fine without having to cut the conversation short.
I started thinking about when was the last time I really thought about my grandmother, more than just as a passing thought “yeah, granmother was nice, she was so funny” kinda thing, and I remember that not too long ago I lost my wallet, the wallet that had been her last gift to me, and I think I got a bit sad. I didnt care about the money lost, even though it was more than a grand, I didnt care about the credit cards, etc, I just cared about the wallet for its sentimental value. This made reflect on the fact that I was acting stupid, but let me tell you why, because there are so many other non-material things that she gave me, that if I were to think just a bit deeper I could cherish! I was suddenly, and unexpectedly, in a much better mood after this “reflection”. I still wish, even if for some sort of monkey-like obsession to be able to touch and “connect” with “something/someone”, I had the wallet; but instead of fixating on that thought I now much rather think that the next time I see my grandmother in my dreams I get the chance to say “Thanks for everything grandma!”.
Uhhmmm yeah, a lil sappy eh? Well, Fuck you too 🙂 How are things in your end of the woods? Cheers.

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