Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

05 2002


So today I turned in my final portfolio for my photo class today… I think I am somewhat pleased with it. My teacher was cool enough to let us not title our pictures so I have untitled 1 – untitled 10 and four themes..themes go as follow: a)nature b)Patriotic c)shameless collaborators. the nature theme contained pictures that were taken at the national zoo, the patriotic theme contained pictures taken at the arlington cemetary and the shameless collaborators theme contained three pictures that featured friends of mine…. I am really proud of the shameless collaborators theme prints even though I know that there is someone out there that hates the one print I cherrish the most…why must you hate me and my work like that???? I’ve done nothing but love you 🙁 okay yeah enough of that. I guess I should feel fanatastic since I did all my work and my assignments ahead of time and I did really well on all the test however I am feeling kinda blah

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  1. *yay*

    did you manage to get the boobies shot?

  2. that is a negative sir. I honestly believe that it would’ve been a great thing to do as an abstraction project but I couldnt find someone that was willing and that I thought would be great for this project at the same time…. I guess I could’ve paid someone to pose for me and expose ONE breast but I aint about to do that.

  3. what the fuck dude

    does my tit count for nothing?


  4. oh yes your tit shot does count, I even fucking used that shit for my final portfolio… I fucking told you that dood, were u not paying attention??? yeah and stuff… that shot is fucking priceless!!!!

  5. Hi fucker. Jade told me you said Hi. so I’m sayin Hi back. I would love to see your portfolio. Email Jpegs dont do photos justice, you know that tho. I think you owe me a drink too, so lets find some neutral ground. I’m not much for Nations other than Thurs. and thats for my niggas, can see how you dont like the stinky fuckers there. Oh well my sense of smell is killed by Capt Morgans and Salem Lights. ahahaha. Peace.

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