Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

class xxx479

“I want you to get into groups and answer the following questions… you will need a sheet of paper”. me: I have a laptop, I type, I dont write… “well then I guess you’ll just have to get a piece of paper and a pen from someone else in class” me: okay. After ten minutes […]

35mm camera

Do any of you have a manual 35mm camera that you would be kind enough to let me borrow, rent for a few weeks? I have a nice digital but I dont care much for instant gratification and quite honestly I liked my old manual 35mm more. Bonus if the camera that you are willing […]

Ramble driven by who the fuck knows

I came home tonight, just like I do any other day, and although I was aware that my sister took biggie (dog I look after during the week) for the night, and possibly the weekend, it suddenly hit me… I came home to an empty house. It never ceases to amaze just how much the […]