Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

I have a dream

I have a dream the day will come in which goddamm plants will not need mutherfucking pollen to reproduce GODDAMM IT I HATE SPRING!!!!!


I have had it with ppl telling me that macaroni’s grill is a good place to eat. I ask myself “are these ppl fucking stupid or are they simply satisfied with mediocre tasting food?” I have to say that they are just fucking stupid, I fucking hate that place more than I hate goddamm olive […]

how I fucking hate spring

So it has begun, perhaps much earlier than in previous years but alas spring is here and so is my love/hate relationship with spring. I cannot explain to you how much I fucking hate hate spring to you right now, however I can tell you that I love the fact that bitches are starting to […]

Blind Date

“I am not gonna lie, if you are my girlfriend I will cheat on you if I see an upgrade” bwwaaahahahah niiice