Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

Fun Fun Fun

So as I came home last night, roughly around 2am, I get pulled over by a cop. He was sitting on the side of the road pointing his radar gun onto the street. I see the cop, I look at my speedometer and I see that I am actually respecting the speed limit for once, […]


So I went to the local laundromat to get my stinking laundry done. I was drying my clothes and this chick comes, she puts her clothes down, breaks out her macbook and gets on the interweb, and then tries to load her laundry into one of the washer machines. She proceeds to look for her […]


Happy valentine’s day people. Try not to eat any of the tainted chocolate. Move along now. Cheers.


Two things I never, ever, ever, ever, forever evah wanna hear while at the gym: Joy Division and 311!! it does nothing for me, in fact, it is right down freaking annoying!! it makes me want to break my ipod.


I just chipped one of my molars!!! I will probably have to have a crown put in. Yay more money to spend. Nothing to see, move along, thanks.


Since I’ve been thinking about breaking out my enlarger and doing some darkroom shit at home I’ve been wondering if I should go all out and try to do some selenium and sepia toning. It will cost me money, money I dont have, but I think it will be therapeutic. Only problem I foresee is […]


Oh yeah, I lost my phone. If you’d like me to add you to my contact list, please leave me your phone number/email here….or not, I cant imagine how it could possibly make a difference. I guess you could always send me a text message to my phone directly eh? 571 7233374 and remember to […]

Nah you were right to give it all back

Two weeks ago I found a wallet and an Iphone in one of the benches at my gym. The wallet contained roughly 500 euros and around $240 the Iphone was brand, spanking new. I picked them up and tried to look for the owner but I couldnt find him in the locker rooms. I dont […]


I am on a fucking roll!!! bad: I almost run out of gas last night worse: while at the gast station somehow I lost my wallet worst: said wallet contained roughly a little less than $1100 that I was supposed to use for rent and to buy a book. Dear weather of 2008 please die […]