Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

for some reason I want some cr…

for some reason I want some crappy chinese food. Perhaps the chinese buffet down the street will do. I must not like myself that much eh?

@mackey38 how exactly does ter…

@mackey38 how exactly does tera patrick “perform”? please elaborate. Yo, you going to the gym I see…you juicing it up? hook it up!!! hehe

@punquin desktop too old? mayb…

@punquin desktop too old? maybe it is time that you go to your dad’s house and steal his 🙂 I am sure his astrophysics can take a back seat

tick tock tick tock

awesome! I slept for w 2 1/2 hours last night.  I wonder how little sleep I can go with, without the need of havning to take a 10 to 20 minute power-nap at least once a day, before I start acting like a zombie.  At least it was solid sleep, I actually kinda feel rested.

I dont need no stinking cap and gown!!!

I was just informed that I need to buy a cap and gown if I plan to attend either convocation and/or graduation or both.  I am not sure how much it will be; however, for something that I am only going to wear once, I am sure it will seem expensive nonetheless.  Now, I am […]

I think I done lost my phone…..

I think I done lost my phone…..whoopsy. It better be in my car!!!