Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

Fuck Fuckity Fuck

I cant register for a class, WHY? because apparently I need permission from the instructor. What does that mean for me??? It means I now have to go into school an hour earlier to go and talk to this dumb ho. blaaahh


Maria chilidog rotschu 😛 I am going to help my uncle out with his new restaurant he just opened. I am going to be coming ovah later on tonite like around 9ish cause I wanna give him a hand. Does that work for you? do you work tomorrow? if you do work, who the funk […]

I am a bad son

So I am officially a bad son, I forgot about my mom’s birthday. I was reminded of this tonite as I was trying to get up to go to see rob spin tonite. Rob, I know I said I’d be there but you understand that family comes and I had to go and eat with […]

I need software

This is a kind request to all my friends out there to help a niggah out for a noble cause. I need all the software I can get my hands on, preferably Microshaf and Adobe products, of course it needs to be free of charge and stuff…. I will repay you back with lots and […]


R.I.P Tio Manolo Siempre te recordare como un hombre lleno de vida, amor, carisma, y sinceridad I will always love you.

Best Drink Ever….. for the moment at least

SEX ON THE BAR: Citron Vodka, Amaretto, Peach Schnapps, Sour mix, Pineapple juice