Rants Of A Lazy Mexican


New cd player installed in my car, and I must say IT FUCKING RULES if you are wondering which unit I had installed in my car it is the Pioneer DEH-P7500MP


Dear Leanne Shortley: I must apologize for I am now drinking one of your negra modelo beers this is actually not too bad


Dear Mr Rob Shortley: I am bored, I am coming ovah to your place right now to steal my scsi cable for my scanner I shall molest your cats too.

Pot Kettle Bla…. Pink

I hate picture frames!!!! that is all

My Family Rules!!!!

This is what I call a goddamm xmas celebration It is 6:30 am and my family just left I am highly surprised that I am even able to type this message Feliz navidad muthafuckas

babelfish sez:

felices pascuas negros


My HR manager is a fucking dancing monkey fucking biiiiiiiiitch I tell ya


I cannot stress enough how fucking stupid the people I work with can be, specially those fucking fags and niggers.

stooopid people

I thought that using a microscope was something you learn when you are little, like when you are in 5th grade or something…. apparently not. Today in lab we had to look at hair under the microscope, and at easy as that sounds there were some dumb bitches that just couldnt use the fucking microscope […]

For the muthafucking record

I fucking hate shaving