Rants Of A Lazy Mexican


I think I failed to inform my friends that the trier of fact in the dc sniper case happens to be one of my professors? yeah beat that bitch!!!

today’s activities

Woke up at six am and made me breakfast. Took my brother to work because my mother’s car has a flat tire so she ended up borrowing my brother’s car. Showered. Went to class and was highly dissapointed for they postponed our lab, apparently a lil cold is too fucking much for those bitches I […]


Fuck saturday mornings

I hate feminist

Days like today just make me wanna punch the next goddamm feminist that speaks to me. Why do you have to make it a point to find your way into somebody else’s conversation. God forbid I say “Uhmm last I recall, you were not part of my lab group so what is it to you? […]

stupid muthabitches

For the record: If you are going to call me around 1am to tell me that you are “restless” and would like to go and have a drink or two, please do not be a fucking dumb muthafucking bitch and get stupid drunk and then expect me to drive your fucking car home and leave […]


In view of the fact that everyone is gay and only three ppl bothered to answer my gay poll, I have decided: a) I shall cook, I am having both lasagna and some sorta dead animal on the grill b) This celebration will take place in the afternoon of 10/18/03(yes bitches that means three days […]

party party party

Okay so like my birthday is coming and shit, while I normally dont make a big deal out of it, I was thinking about having a few ppl over for dinner or something. I was debating whether I should order out or if I actually wanna go to the trouble of cooking or if I […]

Forensic science test

That shit was harder than I had anticipated, I guess I should’ve studied instead of sleeping for a great part of sunday and most of monday. I still dont know how I feel about this test, I mean I am by no means going to fail this shit but I think that it might yield […]

Have you seen my camera?

I seem to have misplaced my camera, and I dont even know where to begin looking for it. Last time I recall having my camera was at Overflow uhmm I dunno maybe a month or so ago, if you guys would be kind enough to check your cars and your homes (ed, rob) I’d appreciate […]


Today in lab we had to take our own set of fingerprints and then classify each one of them, nothing really big or exciting nor was it anything that demanded critical thinking; in fact it was quite boring to be completely honest. This lab however was quite possibly one of the saddest things I’ve seen […]