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03 2009

now my car won’t start. Can an…

now my car won’t start. Can anything else go wrong this week? F-ck!!!!!

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  1. If your car isn’t able to be driven into cement medians anymore, then that means you have to find a way to ram cement medians into your car. Perhaps a crane would be the solution. It should be a pink crane, and you should wear pink spandex while you drive it and yell to pedestrians “Hey everybody, I’m a girl”. That seems to go with the idea of ramming concrete barricades into a McDonalds-wrapper filled Mitsubishi. If you’re lucky, the impact will knock all the trash out (looking from a distance like popcorn exploding out from the windows), saving you the work of cleaning your car manually.

    Then again, maybe all of this is a horrible idea.

    Besides, you’ve probably gotten the motor/battery/whatever fixed by now, so the car is able to be driven into immovable objects once again. 🙂

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