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09 2008

Please learn to use the comment feature on MS Word

I will be the first one to admit that I hate handwritting, I am an equal opportunity hater, I hate handwritting in English just as much as I hate handwritting in Spanish, handwritting can suck it.  I use a laptop at school for the simple fact that I am much more comfortable writting on a keyboard than I am writting on paper.  I can think while I type, I can maintain a conversation while I type, I can listen to music while i type, in short, I can multitask while typing; however, that is one luxury I could never master when hand-writting anything.  Perhaps it is due to the fact that i’ve spent more time typing than I ever spent hand-writting for any reason be it fun, school, etc.

I have no problem writting things for class and handing them in on time, okay so sometimes I am late because I am lazy and also because I just care enough; but the fact remains, I still do the work.  It is one thing to penalize me for being late, not doing the work at all, or handing in incomplete work yet it is another to penalize me because I dont have a hard copy of the homework…oh wait, why yes I emailed you the homework way before it was due in class, oh what, wait a second, jigga who?, you will not count homework that is submitted electronically via email???  I am the first one to admit that my reasoning for my reluctance to use paper is not because I really do care about the environment, indirectly I do, but my reasoning is purely bastard, selfish reasons, I want snow on the ground so that I can go snowboarding more often.  I recycle for that reason alone, if you dont like it, you can suck a big one, at least I am doing it.  I suppose I could understand your need for a hard copy of my work if you gave me a rather compelling, valid reason but when you tell me that you need to be able to make corrections and write down notes on student’s papers I say that is just plain BULLSHIT!! Last time I checked there was this little handy feature on MS Word that can be utilized exactly for this purpose, and with much better results and without the need to mark and scratch student’s work all over the place.  Professor I present thee the “COMMENT” feature!!!

Because of this class I will be forced to go and spend money on ink cartridges, as if they were cheap, and as luck would have it I need all four of them replaced.  It is not bad enough that I have to buy an almost useless parking pass, if you are not on campus at least half an hour before class there is no way in hell that you’ll find parking and make it to class on time.  I now also have to spend money unnecessarily because you refuse to move out of the stone age and into the 21st century.  Dear lord give me the power to forget those things I cannot change and remember that it was your mistake, in the first place, that has let the stupid reproduce wildly.

I just spent $9 at freaking kinkos for using their computer for 2 minutes and printing my homework.  Thank god I only used black and white printer settings, if I would’ve chosen color, I would’ve paid almost $20.

I thinkI need to go home and feed my dog.

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  1. Yeah but what if you had to correct 50 papers would you rather fuckin dick around with microsoft bullshit 50 times or would you rather sit down with a pen and knock that shit out?

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