Rants Of A Lazy Mexican


So lil faith in me 🙁

Hellz Muthafucking Yeah

Just like to share with the world that I have succesfully developed my first roll of film at home and provided I am not a lazy fuck I should be making prints from the confort (or as much confort as the bathroom is going to offer) of my own home. Yes I somehow managed to […]

Do I come across as a fucking fag to you?

Okay so tonite I was having a drink at fridayw with a bunch of ppl from work and yes they are for the most part a bunch of redneck pigs, however at some point in the night for some odd reason someone said to me “yo Ivan, when I first met you I thought you […]

Fucking happy fathes day

Dooood I am soo fucking wasted I had rouhly 2 liters of vocka with my pops and mom ]wchich I shuld say are the most important fucking thing in my life they both fucking rule I love my family, I love my sister, I love my brother I love my close my very small and […]

Happy Brithday Maria

Happy Birthday tesoro , and shit