Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

@dizkodan what the hell is jac…

@dizkodan what the hell is jackson’s? Is u gonna haz the wingz

@punquin dire straits!!

@punquin dire straits!!

@spunkypessimist you should tr…

@spunkypessimist you should try and see if you can know yourself out by jumping up and down in place 😛

Sweet!! I think I just partially bombed a test for one of my classes.  I also  just found that I am really far behind my stats class because I missed two classes, I wasnt feeling healthy enough to go  to class blah. I just spent way too much money on my stupid cap and gown.  […]

@ivoux Good luck dear :P

@ivoux Good luck dear 😛

Is it over yet?

Dear USPS why do you insist on sending my mail to my sister’s new house?  Who did I anger enough that I must suffer such a ridiculous series of mishaps in such a short period of time.

@dizkodan its a niiiice.

@dizkodan its a niiiice.

Whoe done stole my patch cable…

Whoe done stole my patch cables!! I need like 30 feet of it blah I should just steal some 😛

now my car won’t start. Can an…

now my car won’t start. Can anything else go wrong this week? F-ck!!!!!