Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

Dear Rob

Dood, do you remember the link for that clip of a small black child at a convenience store that apparently got the wrong change and threatened to bomb the store if he didnt get his change for $20??? I was looking at bigboys last night and I couldnt find the shit


The chase is better than the catch


Saint Patrick’s Day can suck my balls!!!!

I (heart) my new pair of adidas pants

So I went skiing for the first time today, I must say I had a great fucking time. I guess it has a great to do with the wonderful company I had as well. The whole thing started out as me trying new things, trying to be a bit more active and do things outdoors, […]

I cant believe I am saying this shit

For some unknown reason, I cannot wait for spring!!! If you know me at all, you would know that I hate spring and everything and anything that produces pollen; yet this year I just cannot wait for the weather to get warmer and for the flowers to start blooming. I am also looking forward to […]

Late muthafuckas

So like heaven and hell didnt work out too well last night hehehe I think I was a bit late

My Dad is funny

dad: hola hijo come estas? me: bien dad: estas comiendo bien? me: si todo bien de acuerdo a los parametros de mi dieta dad: has dormido bien? me: mas o menos, pero anoche dormi mejor dad: bueno, si vas a dormir acompaƱado, claro que no vas a poder dormir bwaahahaha me: hehhee gracioso ehehehe Yeah […]

Movie Time

I think I’ll go and see a movie tonite and shit


I am officially drunk tonite, and somehow I aint sleepy, what the fuck!!!