Rants Of A Lazy Mexican


I stopped at 7-11, to purchase some diet coke and a pack of smokes, and as I walk out of my car I see this homeless guy asking for money so that he can buy some food. I purchased my stuff and then I felt bad for the homeless guy outside, although I am broke […]

Driven by who the fuck knows…..Random Ramble!!!

This is a repost of something I posted a while back but ended up making it a private entry…. since I wont have “my dog” for the next few weeks, and since I have not seen him since last saturday I guess it is fitting. I came home tonight, just like I do any other […]


So this past monday I went to alexandria hospital and I spent about 3 hours there. I am not sure what it is about hospitals and I but everytime I go to a hospital I see people that have recently died, a “fresh” dead body if you will. I must’ve been in there for no […]

Laundry day

I spent nearly 3 1/2 hours doing laundry last night. It is partially my fault since I have a bad habit of just throwing all my dirty, sweaty, gym clothes in a plastic bag and then “carefully”, and by carefully I mean just throwing it on the passenger seat of my car, and then waiting […]


It is always nice to know that you can count on Linux ninjas to fix your computer problems. Today that task was accomplish by JB, yes he is the bestest Linux ninja!!!, for that he gets the “you save the day” award. This reminded me that a few years ago Jeremy came over to my […]