Rants Of A Lazy Mexican


Happy thanksgiving to all my niggas


U know what pisses me off???? when people say something potentially inflammatory, but then just add a smiley at the end and it makes it completely non-offensive. 😀 Or maybe its just the fact that i dont really like that person 😛


May I just say that this exam was bullshit, that is all


I need to stop preparing for an exam 2 hours prior to it; I suppose it is not as bad as not taking the time to even read the book and/or note at all(however I dont take notes, notes are for biiiitches). In a completely totally unrelated story, I spent a good chunk of yesterday’s […]

I hate my teacher

My teacher is sick so she canceled class. I suppose it is not bad enough that this fucking semester is riddle with goddamm holidays that would otherwise be just another lab and/or another 2 hours of lecture and now this shit?? Please bitch.

Fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck

So I walked to the photo lab at school today to speak to Gail (lady that runs the photolab) and I was highly dissapointed by the results of our interaction. I was hoping I could use the lab in between classes since I have a rather long break between classes, 4 hours to be exact. […]