Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

2nd week of classes

Woke up and let my alarm snooze for way too long.  At least I had enough time to put together a lunch/dinner bag to take to school.  I suppose I could eat at school but everytime I try to do that I end up at the bar and we all know how one of those […]

@doggiegirl maybe u oughta thi…

@doggiegirl maybe u oughta think bout leaving work when u r supposed to

Sweeeet!! my stats book is like $150 and I still need to buy 4 or 5 more books for my other classes.

Parking still sucks at Mason

Not only parking sucks but I am almost certain that it has gotten even worse than ever, rumor has it that it will only get worse before it gets better. I wonder why so many students still prefer a paper syllabus than the electronic format.  What a bunch of turds. At least this end of […]