Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

Thank you Fairfax County Police

I’d like to thank office Clark for not giving me a ticket yesterday afternoon, he instead wrote me a warning and asked me to slow down. I admit that in the past year my views on law enforcement have changed dramatically, but it wasnt until yesterday that I never actually had a chance to say […]

Chine Organized Crime

If you by any chance happen to know of any good books, audiovisual documentary, newspaper articles that has to do with triads, tongs and/or chinese gangs please let me know…. I am desperately in search of some material for this muthafucking 10 page paper I gotz to write on chinese organized crime.


Dear Laura Halfacre why dont you ever return my calls? why wont you call me back? is it because I am mexican? oh oh oh what I am not good enough for you??? wif luv LG

Outlaw motorcycle gangs

There are four motorcycle “clubs”/gangs that are in violation of the RICO statue a) Hell’s angels b) The Outlaws c) The bandidos d) The Pagans. All this groups have a very well define hierarchy and they use colors and tattoos and patches to symbolize something ie: by the way in order to earn this patches […]


I always thought making drugs was alot more complicated than it really is. I guess I would never try to make methamphetamines, for the obvious risk of blowing up my lab/house/etc. I suppose the easiest ones are opiates but then again I dunno. I now posses the basic knowledge on how to make crack, opium, […]