Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

Ms Cleo sucks a big fat cock

I dunno what bothers me more, the fact that such things as ms Cleo psychic network exist or the fact that there is dumb mutherfuckers that actually call it. I got their answer to their problem, THEY EXIST, there lies the problem. a) why would you call with hopes of foreseeing the future?? first of […]

i love xmas!!!

I love my parents and my siblings and all my other relatives, yeah yeah so my cousin priscilla can be a fucking bitch and she thinks that she is better than everyone else in the family but what you gonna do?? there is always one person that falls under that category right??? okay so yeah […]

why do you love shopping at kenneth cole online more than you love me?

Hey Santa Give me a Phat Beat give me a phat beat gime me a phat beat

Its a fine day

Its a fine day, people open windows they leave their houses just for a short walk. la la la la daadeeeddaaaadddaa la la la la daaaaaddeeeddaaa I heart Maria :PPPP Taking pleasure in the ordinary things in life