Rants Of A Lazy Mexican


Where the fuck is all the snow at??? screw you weather people for getting my hopes up.


Please tell me I left my laptop at your hizzou


The highlight of the day so far this is entirely too fucking funny, I am going to get a HUUUGE poster of this shit and put it on fagmo’s door


which one of you bitches be going to see hybrid tonite?? does anyone have any bright ideas for something to do tonite?


What will the doctor say?


I suppose I can always go to the gym for an hour.


Tonite is officially the suck. I’d like to apologize to Laura for just leaving the club without warning. I am sorry dear, I will make it up to you. Next time we see each other dinner is on me or whatever okay Luv ya 🙂


Does anybody out there want a color enlarger Saunders D6700 ( I think ) I am giving up on this photo thingie


Jesus F’ing christ, some people just need to get shot!!!


My dog is totally jealous of the laptop!!!

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