Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

The Birthday Girl Herself :)

Toying again with the idea of getting prescription meds for a good night sleep. It never fails, I seem to be tired and sleepy throughout the day and just before I go to bed; however when I actually go to bed I cannot sleep. Perhaps my body only likes to take naps.

Second day of work is going well. I took some phone calls. It is nothing like the scenarios we had in training but it is all good. Now if I can only find the time and money to get a newer desktop….. Chicken wings sound good right about now…. Randomness!!

Paperwork was finally approved, I am good to go now. I am officially employed now. Spanks!!!

everybody lies.  Sometimes we lie to protect those we care for from the truth, sometimes we lie for the “greater good” or to fulfill some altruistic cause if you will, but more often than not, we lie because it fits our needs, because it is a much more convenient and palatable alternative than either telling the […]

Entering radio silence mode.  I am no longer allowed to carry a phone at work.  Sweetaaah!!

I haven’t updated in a very long time.  Nothing new really.  I guess I’ll go look for a job now

extra extra extra!!!!

My sister just delivered her baby.  Baby girl!!!

Why does it surprised me when people do not know that aderall is used as a weight loss drug?  blaaah

Sweet!! I think I just partially bombed a test for one of my classes.  I also  just found that I am really far behind my stats class because I missed two classes, I wasnt feeling healthy enough to go  to class blah. I just spent way too much money on my stupid cap and gown.  […]

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