Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

Vermont Casting Grills Rule

Thank You canadian friends for making one of the finest series of grills ever known to man Vermont casting grills is the shitz!!!

Chris Rock LIve

All I gotz to says is dat x rock better be fucking funny tonite or else I will fucking burn a cross outside DAR constitution hall And now I just need directions to DAR constitution hall hehehe

Go to the gym my ass

So I decided to go shopping for some clothing and I ended up spending a couple hundred dollars. Its amazing how much money one can spend on clothing. I must go to the gym

To captain AO

did you by any chance happen to record the new episode of the sopranos in your tivo??? please let me know for I was unable to watch it


Any of you bitches know a place and/or someone that can notorize a power of attorney that is close by my hizzou? I need to do deeeez shit by tomorrow noon. Aint Mr Sweeney in this line of duty?