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06 2008

Mountain biking

So we went to Falcon trail and took our mountain bikes there.  The trail is awesome and I can tell you this right now, there aint anything like that in VA.  I had a lot of fun in spite of the fact that I got separated from the group and then somehow I got lost.  My legs were pumping battery acid at one point, it was delicious! Pizza and kiwi lemonade was had for lunch after the ride.

We went to home depots and bought some gardening stuff.  We are working on how to get rid off of all the damn dead sod since we are doing a flower bed in a small area in the yard.  I think we might have to rent a truck and dispose of it in the nearest landfill or something right?

We made the front of the house look pretty 😉  we planted some anti-rabbit plants-not really anti-rabbits they just don’t think they are tasty so they still away from them- and put a border with pretty red pavers around the tree outside.  Oh yeah, we discovered we have grubs…bitches I tell you.

My friend gizmo comes and chills with me every night, he likes to  be petted a lot.  He is on a diet but he is still a bit overweight…Fat cats rule.  Pumpkin-aka the orange thing- is still an adorable bitch as usual.  I think my presence did upset her for the first 24 hrs because she was acting extra mean and psycho, but she is back to just being a lovable little psycho biatch cat 🙂

Uhmm yeah thats about it for now.  I think we are going to the spic store and then uhmm I dont know, maybe we’ll get some beer or something.

Oh yeah, I made chorizo for breakfast, it was good.

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