Rants Of A Lazy Mexican


“Plum wine is orgasm in a bottle” I’ve heard alot of shit but nothing farther from the truth than the aformentioned statement, which leads me to believe to the following: a) This person just doesnt know much about wine b) This person needs to try other dessert wines c) An expensive date and the initial […]

For everyone but bob white

are you a bit offended when someone asks “are you losing hair?”

Dentist suck

Who would’ve thought that a “deep cleaning” involved alot of bleeding gums and moderate to somewhat unconfortable amount of pain

Big booty bitches on the stairmaster

Talk about inspiration, there was this chick at the gym that did the stairmaster for 50 minutes without a break!!!!! I dont know if I was mesmerized by her tenacity or her perfectly shaped ass. BTW the ballys at landmark is fucking huge


Why is it that sometimes people just seem to purposely want to piss me off me: I’d like to see if proffessor sullivan is available this afternoon dick at adj office: uhmm why yes he will be in the office from 5 pm until 6pm me: I’d like to make an appointment please. dick: we […]

OMFG the world is going to end, Iz gotz a cell phone

So it appears that I now have a cell phone, for those “fortunate” enough to see this post here is the info 571 723 3374 yeah and stuff

My favorite Goth

Someone once told me that if I were a fruit I’d be a cantaloup, and to this day I still dont know what that means. I wonder what she is up to nowadays, I miss her and her fickleness.


I sometimes wonder if my luck can get any worse this semester a) my teacher doesnt like me cause I came in late, nevermind that there was unusually large amounts of traffic. b) I have had the misfortune of becoming part of a class group for the rest of the semester, and I must say […]


Some days I just I could kill somebody me: I need to speak to my advisor, I’d like to make an appointment please. dumb muthafucka behind desk: Uhmm yeah he wont be in until 5pm. me: I am aware of of that, I would like to make an appointment to talk to him please. dumb […]


Dear Rob Shortley this is what I am talking about