Rants Of A Lazy Mexican


I just finished my third martini of the night. I am ready for another one, yet I dont even feel like making another batch of them. I want to smoke a cigaretten but I dont feel like going outside, I dont smoke indoors cuz it makes my place smell like poo. Damn it, I wish […]

Spiders on my bed

So I walked pass my bed and I casually look at one of my pillows and what do I see? A spider about the size of a quarter, maybe a little bigger. My first reaction was to go get something from the beeping microwave but then I was afraid that if I did that I […]


So apparently I am an uncle now. My little brother’s kid was delivered earlier this morning via c section. The kid was trying to come out feet first. I told my brother that his kid is such a fucking wetback that the only reason his kid was coming out feet first was so that as […]


Christ! my teacher for my adj 424 class is such a bitch. I am not sure that not making friends with her will serve me well in class. Today I just couldnt fucking contain myself and as I said out loud “Damn that was rude!!” when she chastise a student in class I just kept […]