Rants Of A Lazy Mexican


Maria Elba, do you wanna hang out wif me during spring break??? I get wednesday and thursday off fo reel uhmm spring break starts like on 03/06/04


Cheesauce I just found the best Gardenburger


yo biatch, my buddy wants to come and check out the cubik room tomorrow night so I was wondering if you do me a favor and hook him up with the reduced price list juntz, for him and his hoe…. the names are christopher vinh and christina cardona and yours truly…. I’ll be coming tomorrow […]


My name is Ivan and I am addicted to The Inferno

Psycho bitches

Some girl just called me an asshole in class…. I laughed it off. Rob should I have said “get it right bitch, I am not just an asshole, I am a colossal asshole”

I am tired