Rants Of A Lazy Mexican


Its pretty early in the morning and seeing how I just wake up I pretty much dont give a flying fuck what anyone thinks right now I am just gonna say it: Maria, I miss hanging out with your ghetto Nicaraguan ass!!! Now back to our regular programming FUCKA YTZ!!


Tu sabes, tal ves deberia haber una forma indiscreminada de matar a todos los individuos que de alguna forma u otra llegaron a sobrevivir hasta que llegaron a madurar. Alguna gente lo llama accion divina, otros simplemente no tienen explicacion para esto, pero lo que en lo que si acuerdan es que de alguna u […]


I had a great fucking time last night and tonite, fuck man I cooked I watched cheesy ass movies and I drank alot of beer funny how I suddenly have a taste for beer and I thought I was destine to be nothing but a grey goose man… I guess I was sadly mistaken. I […]


So today I turned in my final portfolio for my photo class today… I think I am somewhat pleased with it. My teacher was cool enough to let us not title our pictures so I have untitled 1 – untitled 10 and four themes..themes go as follow: a)nature b)Patriotic c)shameless collaborators. the nature theme contained […]


Thank you Cheesauce, a new day has arrived