Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

10 2003


Today in lab we had to take our own set of fingerprints and then classify each one of them, nothing really big or exciting nor was it anything that demanded critical thinking; in fact it was quite boring to be completely honest. This lab however was quite possibly one of the saddest things I’ve seen in a long time; there was this chick in there that went “which one is my right hand?” and she was actually fucking serious about it!!!! Then there was the two chicks that couldnt fucking get the order in which you are supposed to transfer the ink to the paper, despite the fact that the sheet is label “right thumb, right forefinger, right ring finger” and then last but not least there were the ones that couldnt fucking do the inking right. If the teacher tells you “hey thats a lil too much ink” then she is probably fucking right, please remove some of the ink before doing your set of fingerprints instead of going “oh my god, all I got is a smudge on mine, I cant see any details on my fingerprints…why?”
The one thing I found fascinating is that the only ppl having problems with lab were girls and of course the token gay guy that just didnt want to get his hands dirty

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  1. hahaha niiiice.

    Dude, it’s sad when I’m the smart one in our lab today. We were installing WinNT 4 on the new Gateways and it kept locking up. So after 2 lock ups I noticed there were USB devices attached to the computers. NT4 don’t like USB. I pulled mine and TADAA. I let the Teacher know and he was all in Awe of my knowledge.

    That was my sadness in class today. 🙂

  2. …and the world will weep as your school “graduates” another bunch of Microstupid Network Nazis.

  3. yup, those stupid Microsoft guys suck. Arnt I glad Im doing the linux track.

  4. i wasn’t talking about you…

    your teacher, however….

  5. yeah, he’s not the sharpest pencil in the pack. we did, however, get one of our teachers fired last quarter becuase he was too damn stupid. We may be working on another one soon.

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