Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

10 2003

Forensic science test

That shit was harder than I had anticipated, I guess I should’ve studied instead of sleeping for a great part of sunday and most of monday. I still dont know how I feel about this test, I mean I am by no means going to fail this shit but I think that it might yield a dissapointing passing grade… biiiiitches

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  1. stop being such a lazy mexican and study for your shit, fool!

  2. by the way, my grandma wants to know if you’ve started to ferment the jora.

  3. *take 2* did you find your camera yet?

  4. i figured he’d have posted an actual entry with that information. not to comment on his own entry. here i was all worried for nothing. 🙂

  5. I dont think studying more than what I actually studied would’ve helped me at all, okay maybe I wouldnt have taken as long to finish the exam. I dunno, everyone in class took all of the two hours that we were allowed to finish the exam so I dont really feel all that bad after all; everyone just kept saying “that shit is hard, aint it?”

  6. heeeeeell no, I aint got no tiempo homie
    I think I am going to start fermenting that shit like this saturday so I can have some for my bday.

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