Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

11 2003

Fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck

So I walked to the photo lab at school today to speak to Gail (lady that runs the photolab) and I was highly dissapointed by the results of our interaction. I was hoping I could use the lab in between classes since I have a rather long break between classes, 4 hours to be exact. Maybe I should’ve lied and told her that I was in an early class and that I was just there to use the lab, but noooo I had to be honest and I asked if I could just pay the fee for using the chemicals even though I wasnt taking a photo class. Gail was nice but she said that she couldnt let me do that unless I was taking a photo class, of course my natural reaction was “uhmm I am not taking a photo class but I am taking 15 credits hours in other subjects, does that count?” hehehe it didnt work… oh well FUUUUUUUUUCK FUCK THE WHITE MAN

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  1. Can you talk to the photography teachers that you used to have and get their permission? There’s always a way around things. 🙂

  2. No closet or anything in your house you could use as a darkroom? If you’re willing to pay the fees for the chemicals anyways….but maybe you don’t have room and you can just tell me where to go biznatch 🙂

    PS…we need to talk about cams sometime…talk to me sometime you sexy Mexican. 🙂

  3. he has a make-shift darkroom at home.
    he’s just a bored mexican who aint got shit to do..
    most sane people with a 4 hour break, would leave school and return later. however, i think the traffic where he lives sucks.

    esme, i misses you.

  4. Ah yes…I must have misread the “4 hour break” bit…yeah that would suck. And do you know you just reminded me of Friday with your comment? Heh…now that’s a movie I haven’t seen often enough (or too often as I can pick out the similarities in the comments)….

    I miss you too…I’m home sick today so message me sometime…I’m here and there…:)

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