Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

05 2004

Friday Friday Friday

I am done with finals woooot wooot wooot
I feel obligated to celebrate and I am doing so by going out tomorrow night and I will see you guys at buzz 😛
PS: uhmm yeah psss Ed Duffy this is a kind request to at least be put on your reduce list 😛 although free guest list is always more than welcome.

5 Responses to “Friday Friday Friday”

  1. I’ll be sure to sneak in a good ass grab or two. 😀

  2. See you at Cubik! It will be time for a little Absolut!

  3. das right
    hopefully there will be a lot of hot chicas to look at tonite

  4. I just won’t be looking at hot chicas…I’ll be hitting on them! Any single hot blonde chicas out there tonight better watch out! 😉

  5. das right….. although I am too much of a pussy to hit on girls even if I do like them alot… maybe I’ll feel better about hitting on a hot chixor by the end of the summer

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