Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

28  02 2005


Where the fuck is all the snow at???
screw you weather people for getting my hopes up.

17 Responses to “????”

  1. no shit right?

  2. are you in laurel?

  3. It’s not snowing in Columbia yet. I’m an thoroughly disappointed.

  4. not yet… I’ll be leaving for there in about 20 minutes, however

  5. There were flurries in Silver Spring when I left for work this morning, but no snow near fort meade

  6. nice!

    wanna do lunch on Friday?

  7. The weather people are teases that need to be shot.

  8. Wait, are you starting at whatchamacallit again soon?

  9. I don’t work on Fridays… yay for four day work weeks!

  10. Digex…


    [email protected]

  11. Go team you!

    and why can’t I ever remember that name of that damn company. ugh.

  12. ok, howz about thursday? 🙂

  13. The snow is falling nearly sideways out of my window.

  14. typically I won’t be working on thursdays either… my schedule is Sunday through wednesday, 11AM to 10PM

    however, this week I might be… so if that’s the case… YES! Red Hot and Blue like a muthafucka!

  15. (or pho?)

  16. Well *I* have off work today!

  17. A W E S O M E !

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