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16  03 2005

I (heart) my new pair of adidas pants

So I went skiing for the first time today, I must say I had a great fucking time. I guess it has a great to do with the wonderful company I had as well. The whole thing started out as me trying new things, trying to be a bit more active and do things outdoors, I was gonna go and try snowboarding. Apparently snowboarding is not one of those things that you just “try” for the first time, so she convinced me that maybe I ought to try skiing first. I fell a few times, okay so I had my share of falls and had it not been for christie’s assistance I would probably still be there trying to get out of a ditch, and/or I would have probably run into some trees.
Thank you Christie for a wonderful time, I hope I didn’t ruin your day too much, god knows I say stupid shit sometimes without even thinking/realizing that they could be offensive to you or others. My only regret is that I should’ve tried this much earlier in the season and not just now, perhaps I would be “good” enough to be snowboarding now.
Uhmm I wonder what I should try next, scubadiving, skydiving, snowboarding, rock climbing, Va Savoir? maybe I should try all of them!!!!
Thank you Christie, you are the best, I mean it 🙂

2 Responses to “I (heart) my new pair of adidas pants”

  1. fuck skiing… snowboarding is 100 times cooler… and more fun…

  2. Screw you hippie, how dare you rain on my parade!!! I will cut jooo biiiiatch!!!
    Yeah I am aware snowboarding is much more fun, it is also alot more painful uuhmmoookay. Baby steps bitch, baby steps, don you have some dumb hoe to fuck tonite? hehehe sorry, too easy, i had to take it. Yeeeaahh hehe

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