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16  04 2005

To shave or not shave

I just finished shaving, I am not happy of course. After finish shaving I realized something, I’ve not shaved my face completely for at least 7 years. I was half tempted to go ahead and shave all the freaking hair off my face, but then I realized something, I havent got the balls to do it. I suppose I fear that I would look like a fucking idiot if I did do it.
So after careful deliberation, I’ve decided that once I lose some weight I’ll be shaving all the hair off my face off…uhmm say once I get to be 175 pounds…. yeah yeah I know what you are thinking “Shit, that will never happen you fatass”, tis cool tis cool I shall prove you wrong in about five weeks 🙂

2 Responses to “To shave or not shave”

  1. I was just thinking about it… yeah, you definitely have never been clean shaven the entire time I’ve known you. Just one more step on your path to becoming completely white.

  2. aint that the truth…. Me and my constant struggle to become whiter everyday

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