Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

11  12 2006


Thank you Google for saving me money. I just need to get my shit in the mail like yesterday so that I can go to the slopes without fear of breaking my tailbone. Cheers.

2 Responses to “197”

  1. you should build yourself a foam suit that completely protects you!


    you should buy a virtual reality rig so it feels like you are skiing but you are actually sitting in a tub of jello

  2. I will eventually buy protective gear for my upper body, I dont have the money for it now, but it is coming. As for the virtual reality rig uhmmm I am gonna have to say NO!! whats the madafaking point? although sitting in a tub of jello does sound like a rather interesting experiment.
    PS: Dont ever have me eat that much wasabi in one sitting, while it sounded like a great idea at first, it proved to be a very bad choice today.

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