Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

29  12 2007


snowboarding:1 v. me: 0

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  1. Did Ivan fall on his bum?

  2. you know you love that song!!!!!

  3. You were making fun of me at the Hurt/Alice in Chains concert for liking them…

  4. did you go boarding?

  5. I hate the band, and I hate the song even more. I just like some things that it reminds of, otherwise I wouldnt be listening to it in my current mood

  6. Yes, I did. I wouldnt call it SNOWboarding though, it was more like muddyIcyBoarding but it is the only thing I got around here. It was alright I suppose, I am out of shape so that didnt let me enjoy it as much.

  7. toughness++

  8. Hah Well it wasnt just that. “Accidental tragedy seems to follow you” is how someone I know described my outdoor related activities. I wish I had more snow though. How you doing? Happy new year and stuff 🙂

  9. ooo accidental tragedy???? are the guys still intact?

    Happy new years to you too.

    We gots plenty of snow like stuff. Come on up. We even have sleds. A fwe anyway. After that we use garbage can lids. We’re so suburban ghetto.

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