Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

29  01 2009

2nd week of classes

Woke up and let my alarm snooze for way too long.  At least I had enough time to put together a lunch/dinner bag to take to school.  I suppose I could eat at school but everytime I try to do that I end up at the bar and we all know how one of those stories will end.

The roads were cleared but it was a different story about the parking lot and sidewalks at school.  It doesnt help that I have a natural tendency to try to walk in the less traveled areas so I am sure I looked pretty ridiculous when I nearly fell on my ass because I had no traction in my shoes.  I wish I had yak tracks, I missed having them today for the first time.

I must remember to use the microwave in either Thompson hall or Student Union I, the lines to use the microwaves at the Johnson Center are kind of ridiculous.  On other news, yes! they have like four microwaves at the Johnson Center.

I always find it funny how all the people that use mac books tend to conglomerate into their own little clicks, they all seem to be taking the same classes, they all have pretty much the same major, or they are all part of a sorority.  Yes, girls must be cute and apparently customizing your mac book is “in” now; oh pink mac book how I adore you.

I saw my sister a couple of days ago, she is now nearly 5 months pregnant.  She feels like her tummy should be bigger, you can see it morphing into what a “pregnant” stomach/bulge is supposed to look like, she feels it inadequate nonetheless.

I’ve been told to curve my prolific use of profanity around the pregnant lady.  I am not sure why, the last study I watched proved that while fetuses can hear, and respond to sound, unless the sound doesnt reach at least 90+ decibels, when it gets to them, they wont be able to feel/hear it.  I shall abide by their wishes.

My statistics professor is a funny guy.  I guess he has a sense of humor after all.  He is from Korea and I guess the university felt it upon themselves to help perpetuate the notion that asian guys are good at math.

These stand for me

Name your God and Bleed the Freak

I’d like to see

How you all would bleed for me.

My brother’s kid, Marley, walks now! He’s also started to talk, or try to at least.  He can agua, uva, and mama and papa.  He laughs a lot and has an was born with a natural affinity for dancing, I guess he gets the affinity for dancing from my mother.

For some reason I just analyzed the graffiti written on the desk I am sitting on.  Not one graffito is personalized, wtf? every single one of them makes reference to a certain subject class.  Whatever happened to simply writting your real name, your nickname/moniker as you deface the walls of the school, or in this case the desks at school.

It is way too sunny outside.  It is cold enough that it would be a great day to go out and play in the snow… And on that note, I shall make my way to my next class.

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