Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

FUcking guest speakers in class.  Though not a complete and total waste of time, they have interfered with my beer intake.   Damn it to hell!!! leaving class just now

@dizkodan bwahaha yeah at least we sat at friday’s drinking cappucinos and smoking cigarretes. we was sophisticated

@dizkodan Yo nig? what you doi…

@dizkodan Yo nig? what you doing later? I think I am getting outta school early prolly same or earlier as last friday. Please advise

I am tired but I cannot sleep!!! story of my life.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what some girl said in class today “your pictures are so dark” I was like “dark?  whatever do you mean?” and then someone else said the same thing… I guess I tend to like my pictures with a […]