Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

@dizkodan hellz yeah mofo them…

@dizkodan hellz yeah mofo them churros be hella delicious. Lets go to TJ and get us some real churros yo I’d settle for east los though heh

Income Taxes

Taxes are done! finally.  I dont know why in the last three years I’ve waited until the very last minute to get them done; I guess having felt like Iam been raped doesnt help either.  Hopefully I’ll get that “economic stimulus” that the administration has kindly given us so that, at least for the time […]

Can I finish reading this before 2pm?

I am up and getting ready to start reading the material for this afternoon’s class.  The article is roughly 40 pages long and I am not sure if I am going to finish reading it all before that.  I should’ve started reading it yesterday but I got distracted.