Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

@punquin traffic was the suck …

@punquin traffic was the suck because of a few accidents on 95 and sh-t. I had a vietnamese sandwich and it was the awesome

How do I stop all this unwante…

How do I stop all this unwanted people from following me on twitter eh? feels like spam

is the twitter broken?

is the twitter broken?

Stab us all in the eye!!

My monday noon class reminds me as to why I hate Mason so much, in fact, I much rather endure some sort of horrible torture than to have to come to class.  If it weren’t for the fact that the teacher, for some unknown reason, somehow remembers my name and last name and makes it […]

Decisions Decisions

So I am faced with a rather superficial and stupid decision here: Do I try to lose another 10 pounds before I start to do some heavier weight training or do I just go straight into strength training?  If I were to lose another 10 pounds that will put me right at around 150-155 pounds […]

@punquin Hasnt postage gone up…

@punquin Hasnt postage gone up in price considerably in the last 2 years?

@doggiegirl It feels great I c…

@doggiegirl It feels great I couldnt stand long hair anymore, as far as looks go uhmm I guess I look alright, you can be the judge of that