Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

20  04 2002


I dont think I’ve said this enough times I FUCKING HATE SPRING!!!!!!
I really do fucking hate spring. I am still very much a firm believer that Jesus Christ didnt suffer from any form of allergies, if that was the case than his monkey ass would’ve gotten rid of them altogether.
I’ve felt so fucking sick this past two weeks that I think i am getting used to not been able to breathe normally and tasting blood everytime I cough….oh yeah did I meantion my nose bleeds alot??? yeah blood doesnt smell pleasantly either.

3 Responses to “FUCK SPRING!!!!1”

  1. dude, clearly you need to move to the desert

  2. Or the frozen north.

  3. Chirst, dude, and I thought i was pretty fucked up…

    The only reason I’ve been going in to work the last couple of days is cause I knew that staying at home and resting wouldn’t do anything productive.. cause it wasn’t going to make me better.. so if I was going to be miserable, it didn’t much matter where I wwas while feelin miserable..

    oh and add me to your friends list you fucking goddamn white assed muthafucka

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