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21  10 2003

I hate feminist

Days like today just make me wanna punch the next goddamm feminist that speaks to me. Why do you have to make it a point to find your way into somebody else’s conversation. God forbid I say “Uhmm last I recall, you were not part of my lab group so what is it to you? Now if you would be so kind, why dont you just be quiet and let me and my other group members discuss the problem at hand?”; specially if the problem is deciding what the fuck the name of the group should be. I was trying to be practical and not try to hurt anybody’s feelings by naming it something really pedestrian, mundane, undistinguished like xyz or adidas ( one of the girls in my grounp was wearing an adidas shirt) or even mickey mouse; but noooo the other three girls in my group wanted to name it something “cool” and “original”. When I told them “well a) its not going to be “cool” nor “original” because someone has already named their team that way at one point or another, besides there are no extra points for creativity b) why cant we just be practical and name it something simple that we could all remember, I dont want my group to be called the crimestalkers or the goddamm csinova, nigga please c) if they wanted to name it something “cool” I was indeferent and I would agree to whatever they would come up with but I kindly asked not be bothered with what my opinion or input was.
I dont believe that I had an unreasonable request, I was trying to be practical and honestly I dint want to spend the last 30 minutes of class trying to come up with a stupid name; but noooo some dumb bitch has to come along and ruin my fucking day at school. I hope you die you fucking bitch!!!!

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  1. wow. and I thought I didn’t like feminists 🙂

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