Rants Of A Lazy Mexican

30  11 2001


So I decided to go to the club last night and I was reminded of one of the reasons why I stay the fuck away from that place on goth/industrial night. Most of the ppl that go to the club on thursday nights need to fucking learn that showering/bathing is not a once in a lifetime ordeal, I suppose it is okay if you if you stink when you leave the club after dancing all night but smelling like putrified/stagnant water on your way in the club is completely absurd specially when that stench is coming from a woman…. arghhh okay so the club sucked ass but I suppose it was better than staying at home watching tv, or was it?? with all that said and done all I got left to say is FUCK GOTH/INDUSTRIAL NIGHT

2 Responses to “Nation”

  1. OHMYGOD..hell must’ve frozen over cuz that seemed like a normal journal entry!
    i <3 goku ivan.

  2. man what a fag

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