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11 2001

Only Four More Episodes and I am done with DB GT

You know one of the saddest thing that happens in dbgt is the fact that one of my favorite characters dies …. I was very heartbroken by that fact… oh well life goes on… oh yeah rob I am coming to get all those db and dbz cds soon hehehe

12 Responses to “Only Four More Episodes and I am done with DB GT”

  1. Need I say more???

  2. ivan…there is life outside of dragon ball z 😛
    shit, i cant even remember what the fuck you used to talk about before you got obsessed with that shit!!

  3. OH yeah and for those of you who have not figured it out by now yet …. I am only updating my journal because MARIA!!! you see that MARIA BRATWURST yes MARIA PANCHETA, yes MARIA CHILI CHEESE SAUSAGE is making me do it :PPPPP that is all

  4. I remember, he used to talk about BEEECHES

  5. AFRO AFRO AFRO AFRO haha. niggah you looks the bizzomb.

  6. hahaha I REMEMBER NOW!!!!!!

  7. heh..i hope you realize it doesn’t bother me when you compare my last name to german sausage 😛
    and you udated because you LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. dude, youre insane..


  9. WRONG

    There is NO life outside DB,Z,GT

  10. i wont argue with you..your icon frightens me *shiver*

  11. Glad we agree

  12. yes, of course, of course.

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